March 8, 2021

How To Manage Staff Stress While Relocation

Moving offices, are increasingly popular as more companies realise the need to minimise disruption to staff when moving offices. Most employees say moving offices has had a positive impact on their business and them, as a whole, according to anonymously conducted survey of503 employees who have recently moved office space with their current company. Employees enjoy having an all-encompassing, comfortable and visually attractive new workspace and additional workroom. Almost, all (893 / respondents) say they would recommend a local mover to friends or family.

While most offices provide basic amenities such as coffee makers, air conditioning and toiletries, some employers offer hidden perks to lure new staff into moving offices. Some offices have coffee machines with free cups every morning, while others provide free dry cleaning for employees every three weeks. Offering a dry cleaning service once per month is also a popular perk. Other perks such as a weekly training session or a monthly company fitness club may be viewed as useful incentives to entice new employees but are not necessarily seen as such by employees, who already have enough to do without additional “work.”

Moving offices are typically located in areas that are near or within the business district but sometimes, companies relocate offices further away from their original locations. This creates the problem of increased levels of stress in employees who are required to move often and in large amounts. Stress can lead to poor performance and lower productivity, which can affect your bottom line. In order to reduce the potential for unnecessary stress, you should ensure that your moving offices have the best amenities and the best support services that you need. The better office space you have, the less likely it is that employees will feel pressured to leave your premises, which means you can achieve better results and retain excellent workers.

In addition to reducing stress, providing great employee services also has a positive effect on overall business morale. When employees are happy in their positions, they are more likely to want to go out of their way to make your company as successful as possible. A better office space combined with excellent support services can help you attract and retain excellent employees by offering them access to services they may need when they are on the road. If employees know that your company is concerned about their welfare, they are much more likely to enjoy their position and stay longer, which can lead to a positive effect on overall productivity.

The best way to address stress and the negative impact it can have on employees is to focus on employee satisfaction during the move. Provide your employees with plenty of parking space and adequate car pool access. Make sure all of your employees have the resources they need to prepare for their move. Provide them with orientation materials such as maps, contact information for your new home and the offices there, as well as any other details you think might help them be prepared. You should also post your expectations for employees prior to the move, including the expected commute distance, how they will be able to reach you during the moving process and any other specific directions you require. Your employees will feel more secure once they know that their job is secure and that moving offices will not negatively affect their performance.

If you are unable to provide your employees with ample parking space during their move, consider renting portable office relocation boxes or furniture. Renting portable storage spaces is a great way for you to ensure that all of your employees have the items they need to complete their move in one fell swoop. Employees can simply load their belongings into the boxes, lock them up and take the furniture to their new home. This is a great way to minimize disruption to your business while still ensuring that all of your employees are able to relocate to their new offices.

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