January 25, 2021

Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay Per Call advertising is an innovative advertising method where the cost of the ad is based on the number of phone calls made and received by customers. Pay Per Call services charges a flat fee per call or each impression, per conversion, or per sale.

When a customer calls the company’s toll-free number to place a call to a salesperson or a technical support person, the call receives an advertisement that includes the message, “Call Now to learn more about Pay-Per-Call.” The advertising is then played in a random sequence at predetermined intervals until a sale is made.

In contrast to traditional advertising where the company has to pay for each ad it plays, Pay per Call advertising costs the company very little since the cost is calculated based on the number of calls it receives. Most companies make this type of advertising available to their customers through their telephone bill, but some companies also provide it through a web site or even as a downloadable e-book. Customers are typically charged a monthly rate for the advertising. Because this type of advertising is completely automated, the costs associated with advertising are low since the company does not have to pay for the ad.

Pay per Call advertising allows a company to reach potential customers who are otherwise uninterested in its products or services. Since most people use cell phones to call into a company’s telephone line, most consumers do not make an effort to find out information about the company they are calling about. By using a pay per call service, however, a company is able to inform its current and potential customers of the types of services or products it provides to them.

Many companies offer free trials of their call advertising services. In order to use the free trials of their services, customers must sign up by providing their telephone numbers or email addresses. Once they have signed up, they receive a text message or a phone call letting them know how many minutes they will be charged for every call they place to the company’s toll-free number. When they have used up their promotional amount, they can unsubscribe and resume their normal calling pattern.

Pay per call advertising is a cost-effective advertising solution that is relatively easy to implement since most companies do not have to pay for advertising. This type of advertising is especially effective for small companies that do not have a large budget to spend on advertising but would like to reach a wider audience of customers.

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